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Gross Assets is a real estate investment, property marketing and management firm based in the commercial city of Lagos. We are unique and possess unsurpassed knowledge about the real estate trends and markets. Our focus is to provide a full spectrum of professional property management and investment services designed to accommodate the needs, desires and aspirations of every investor. With our help you can double and protect your wealth through real estate investments and management.

Services We Provide

Property Management
We are a total property management solution for all aspects of commercial, retail and residential properties. We are directly focused on increasing the value of our client's investment in the day to day management of the asset.
Property Investment
We develop and acquire existing real estate assets, creating rewarding property portfolio with a view to building enduring wealth for our investors – customers and shareholders.
Development (Estates)
Development is a core aspect of the company, providing, cutting-edge products and services. We carefully deploy tailor-suited methods of project delivery to satisfy and add value to our clients.
Property Management
Create property listings with all the features you’d expect: area size, price range, amenities and more
Compare Properties
Let your users compare different properties based on their features and parameters
Agent Contact Forms
Help your agents make sales by placing an easy-to-use contact form in the header of each listing

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