Yes you can,only register as an agent with us on the website and we give you access to post properties you have mandate to sell.

Yes, but it is at a fee. IT COST #5000 per property you post on the VERIFIED section. The post last for 90 days before expiry. Verified property post is carried out by the web admin of GROSSASSETSLTD

This service helps buyer to know the STATUS of the property they are buying. The service is to prevent fraudulent or controversial issues. You get to know who owns,what title it bears and general status of the property. The service recommends which property is fit or not fit for trade.

Call our help line on 08057875238 or fill out a short form on the brokerage page and someone from our team would get back to you immediately.

This course is for investors, and those interested and planning to venture into real estate brokerage services.

visit www.grossassetsltd.com, click on training and consulting page and sign up for the course you wish to take.

No, there’s a tuition fee of #25,000 for the basic certificate course.

it is a refresher course for real estate professionals who want to improve the quality of their  deliveries, network with other professionals and form new business alliance so as to improve performance.

It cost the sum of #40,000 to sign up for the professional course, and hunger to learn.

Yes, you get a certificate of completion, showing you attended and finished the course applied for.

Gross Assets is dedicated to rendering property investment opportunities in a simplified manner to all clientele and prospects. It is on this premise that we initiated GRAP INVESTMENT PLAN.

The GRAP INVESTMENT PLAN gives subscribers the privilege to earn a 30% Returns on Investment after a minimum 12 months tenure. With GRAP Investment Plan,  your money works for you while you relax and go about your everyday business.

Anyone who is investment driven.

6, 9 and 12 months tenures available

6 months attracts 15%

9 months attracts 20%

12 months attracts 30%

Investment Agreement

Receipt of Payment

YES. With 2 months notification in writing.

You will have access to 100% of your funds and lose the entire interest but termination is not allowed between the first three (3) months.

Yes, you can. And this can also be automatic if withdrawal notification is not given two (2) months before maturity.

  1. The company is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  2. The company is a Real Estate Company with Estate lands as collateral

Yes, you can. But you have to do that as a separate investment account. That is; the money you aim to invest for increment can be invested separately bearing your name.

Fifty Thousand Naira Only (N50,000)

e.g:      N50k – N500k.

N1M – N5M and above.

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Valid Identification of Signatory
  3. Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Lawma)
  4. Passport Photograph of Signatory
  5. Evidence of initial deposit/transfer (copy)

You can make payment through our account details below

BANK NAME:  ACCESS BANK                


  ACCOUNT NUMBER:  1237183601

Mite Plan talks about our landed properties that can be bought on installment basis. Payment is allowed up to 10 months.

Ibeju-Lekki (Idi-iroko village)


Mowe (Orinmerunmu)

Atan-Ota (Sokoto road)

Owode-Atan (Eredo)

Deed of Assignment. The price is 10% of land buying price.

For example, Deed of Assignment for Owode-Atan (600sqm) is N20,000.


N150, 000 / N100,000 (Ibeju Lekki – 600sqm/300sqm)

N50, 000/N25,000 (Owode-Atan – 600sqm/300sqm)

Not yet decided for other locations.

Development levy is used for the provision of basic infrastructures and development enhancement within the land location. E.g: Road.

No. But we have a team of Registered Surveyors that can help interested clients process the survey document. We strongly advise to ensure we process it on your behalf within 3 months of purchase to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters.

After completion of all payment.

Yes. However, the company must be duly informed to ensure proper transfer of document.

As much as we trust and respect our agents, we endear you to pay into our approved bank account.


Acct. no: 1237183601.

600sqm and 300sqm.

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