In these times, it is important that any individual who desires to purchase landed documentation that governs land transactions in Nigeria.

It is however pathetic that only a small percentage of people who purchase land know and understand what land documents truly mean and the purpose which they serve.

One of the most significant methods of laying a claim to a piece of landed property is by having title documents that are important and recognized by different government rules and laws on landed properties.

There are 7 Basic title documents relevant to landed property ownership in Nigeria which are:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Deed of Assignment/Conveyance
  • Deed of Lease
  • Deed of Sub-Lease
  • Land Certificate
  • Deed of Mortgage
  • Survey Plan

Possessing any of these documents whether registered at the relevant Land Registry (each state has its own Land registry and there is also a Federal Land Registry for Federal properties) or not registered is a good claim on the particular property, however, registration of title documents is always advised as the benefits outweigh the benefits of an unregistered title document. We will talk about the advantages of registration of title in our next article.