Gross Assets Renovation Services

Elevate Your Living Experience with Gross Assets Renov8

Gross Assets and Properties Limited invites you to experience a symphony of creativity and precision with our unrivaled Home Renovation Services.

Our comprehensive home renovation services are designed to transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and style. From painting to pre and post cleaning services, we offer a holistic approach to rejuvenating your home.


Our expert painters are artists with a brush, ready to breathe new life into your walls. Whether you prefer a calming neutral palette, a bold statement color, or intricate wall textures, we bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.


Our plumbing services go beyond fixing leaks; we ensure the seamless flow of water throughout your home. From repairing faucets to installing new fixtures, our skilled plumbers guarantee efficient and reliable plumbing solutions.


Experience the brilliance of well-lit spaces with our electrification services. Our electricians are experts in lighting design, ensuring optimal illumination and electrical safety. From wiring to fixture installation, we bring brightness to every corner.


Whether it's a new kitchen installation or revamping your bathroom, our skilled team ensures precision in every detail. From cabinetry to fixtures, we handle installations with expertise, ensuring functionality meets aesthetics seamlessly.

Interior Design/Decoration

Our interior design and decoration services turn your home into a personalized masterpiece. Collaborate with our design experts to choose furnishings, color schemes, and decor that align with your style, creating spaces that resonate with warmth and sophistication.

Pre and Post Cleaning Services

A clean slate is the foundation of a rejuvenated home. Our pre and post cleaning services ensure your space is spotless before renovations begin and remains pristine after the transformation. We pay attention to every detail, leaving you with a home that sparkles.